Uke Zoo

Eric Engblade
The Blackport Building (location map)
Tuesday, 11:15 AM
07/09/19 - 08/13/19 (6 weeks)

Meet the Ukulele in our Uke Zoo!  Over the course of six weeks, our brand new curriculum will provide children ages 5-8 with an opportunity to explore the instrument, learn basic chords and strumming patterns, as well as participate in fun musical games and much-needed large movement activities.  But don't expect a concert at the end, this class is all about fun and exploration, not performance!

Ukuleles are not provided, children must bring their own.

Upcoming Meetings
07/23/19    11:15 AM Tuesday 07/23/19 11:15 AM
07/30/19    11:15 AM Tuesday 07/30/19 11:15 AM
08/06/19    11:15 AM Tuesday 08/06/19 11:15 AM
08/13/19    11:15 AM Tuesday 08/13/19 11:15 AM